POLIS Consortium

POLIS incorporates a unique consortium consisting of large corporations, SMEs, institutes and universities from all over Europe.


Together with key end-users, there are recognized authorities with track records of success in high risk R&D. Coupled with a pilot industrial environment; the scene for an advanced technology catapult is set.

POLIS Consortium gathers 21 partners from 7 countries. The Consortium is clearly industry-driven: 17 participants are industrial, while 4 are leading institutes or universities. A large place has been given to the end-users: 6 are embedded including 3 large groups and 3 SMEs from 5 different countries. POLIS is thus application-driven with end-users in strategic markets for the European industry: automotive, medical imaging, scientific instrumentation, high-volume consumers and robotics. The project also involves partners along the whole value chain: material providers, equipment manufacturers, integrated device manufacturers and end-users are integrated in the project.