ULIS , a subsidiary of Sofradir, specializes in the design and manufacture of high quality thermal image sensors for commercial and military applications. It enables makers of consumer electronics and infrared equipment to produce low weight, low power consumption and cost-effective thermal cameras for deployment in everyday use.

ULIS is the second largest producer of thermal image sensors (microbolometers). ULIS offers a targeted range of microbolometers that are the key component of many top brands thermal imaging equipment sold across Europe, Asia and North America. ULIS is active in security and surveillance, energy management, and in the thermography, defense and automotive markets. Hundreds of thousands of its products are used to detect threats and thereby protect property, industrial sites, national borders, commuter systems as well as military personnel in combat zones. Many other professionals are increasingly choosing thermal imaging devices equipped with ULIS’ products due to the excellent performance of ULIS’ technology and its affordability for mainstream commercial applications. Size, weight, low power consumption and lower cost reductions drive ULIS innovations enabling the company to address new trends in energy efficiency for building automation and advanced driving assistance systems for vehicles. ULIS is located in Veurey-Voroize, near Grenoble.

Uncooled IR Detector manufacturers (Worldwide Market Share)

The technological knowhow of ULIS covers all necessary part of uncooled infrared detector like:

  • Design of CMOS integrated circuits for pixel array signal reading,
  • Manufacturing Technology of uncooled microbolometer arrays on CMOS readout integrated circuits wafers ("above IC" technology),
  • Vacuum packaging techniques for focal plane integration (mastering of vacuum technologies, infrared windows, welding, …),
  • Electro-optical characterization of infrared detectors in MWIR and LWIR spectral bands, and environmental tests
  • Uncooled IR Detector manufacturers (Worldwide Market Share)

    For more information, visit: http://www.ulis-ir.com