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The Delft University of Technology (TUDELFT) is one of the leading engineering universities in Europe. With an annual budget of over 350M€, TU Delft counts 8 faculties in all major fields of science and engineering. The student body was 19,613 in 2014 divided over 16 Bachelor’s and 31 Master’s programs, while the academic staff counted 2,668 persons. In the same year TU Delft had a total output of 5,139 publications, of which 618 in scientific journals. The faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, and Computer Sciences (EWI) comprises 40 full professors, including the Chair of VLSI Design headed by Prof. Edoardo Charbon. The core competencies of EWI are VLSI design, CMOS processing and modeling, microelectronics & computer engineering, software technology, and telecommunications.

The academic group at TU Delft, founded and led by Prof. Edoardo Charbon, comprises 12 PhD students and 7 M.S. students, as well as 1 assistant professor and 1 post-doctoral fellow, all involved in single-photon technology from fundamentals of detection to image sensor architectures, to applications. The group has been pioneering SPAD image sensors and is at the forefront of this field with over 250 publications.