POLARIS Vision system

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Polaris Vision Systems EU Ltd is a part of Yukon Advanced Optics group and engaged in design and manufacturing of variety of observation devices, mostly night vision products for consumer market and accountable for more than 70% of market shares worldwide. Working closely with 3 manufacturing sites around the world, POL is actively involved into research and new product developments. POL has experienced R&D personnel with good record of bringing new innovative high tech products. Developed and successfully transferred into manufacturing stage, POL has more than 20ty new products in opt-electronic devices area. During the last three years, more than 15 new digital night-vision camera viewers and sighting systems integrating micro-displays were successfully developed.

The company entered new quality stage with introducing new line of thermal viewers in the summer of 2012 with further new thermal product added in September of 2013, making Polaris Vision the only company in Europe manufacturing commercial thermal viewers. Our thermal monoculars “Quantum” enjoying high demand and successfully competing with products from company FLIR, who for many years were unchallenged as a market leader. It needs to be mentioned, that the success of our opto-electronic products is in many respects due to use of innovative organic micro-displays from Microoled.