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Encapsulix is a startup company developing and marketing high throughput Atomic Layer Deposition manufacturing equipment and processes. More specifically, the equipment developed by Encapsulix uses an innovative reactor concept, allowing to reduce the deposition time significantly (factor 10-30 with respect to traditional ALD equipment), and scale seamlessly to large substrate sizes. The company is focused on applications in photovoltaics, OLED’s for lighting and displays, architectural materials and thin film batteries. Encapsulix’barrier technology allows to significantly enhance the useful lifetime of a products in these different sectors, by virtually eliminating performance degradation by corrosion. For example, it was shown on heterojunction photovoltaic elements, that application of a thin encapsulation layer lead to an increase of the lifetime by more than a factor of two.

Since its creation in January 2011, Encapsulix has conducted significant R&D , leading to the proof of concept of its high throughput ALD equipment architecture in Q3 2011, the demonstration of an ultrabarrier performance in Q1 2012 and the completion of a first productized R&D machine in Q1 2013, and the sale of its first OLED manufacturing machine in Q3 2013.

Encapsulix has received several awards and honors such as being the only European finalist of the Saint Gobain NOVA, or being selected as one of the 20 most promising European Startups in the Cleantech field at the 2013 Cleantech summit.