Welcome to POLIS Website

POLIS means Pilot Optical Line for Imaging & Sensing.

This project was built in 2013 from an initiative of STMicroelectronics, which answered to an ECSEL JU call for proposals. POLIS objective is to offer to Europe a pilot line with differentiating technologies that will enable a large range of innovative sensors and breakthrough microdisplays.

This project was born from 2 observations:
First one is that imaging and sensing markets are in continuous and important growth. There is indeed a rising use of image in our lives, with multiples cameras in our laptops, tablets, smartphones, games, cars, homes, building... but also for our security, for medical diagnosis and medical cares...
Second observation is that Europe is strong in the field of differentiating technologies for imaging and sensing.

POLIS consortium is a nice illustration of this last fact. Please have also a look to innovative technologies and key demonstrators that will be developed all along POLIS duration.

Enjoy your visit on POLIS website!